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Hymn for Food



Hymn for Food seeks implicate many orders of time around food and its place in intimate and public memory. We present to you an album with five tracks, each of which is a weave of personal stories around food that are annotated by field recordings from homes and public places. Further, the district of Lichtenberg that is a melting pot of subterranean food cultures on account of its vibrant migrant communities is imagined as a beatbox, a studio and a playlist. We imagine sound as an event, a loop, an itinerary and also a leakage from an ‘else-when’. All the featured artists return to a time before the present to find the sway of sound and music on their respective practices.

Supported by the
Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg
BLO Ateliers

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Artists involved

Curated by Sujatro Ghosh

Bidisha Das
Kei Watanabe
Catriona Shaw & Frèd Bigot
Robert Machiri
Zsolt Sőrés

Moments from Hymn for Food

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